Term 3 Reports

Last term we received our reports and our job today was to review how I went.


What I did well: PE, Science, SOSE and I learn

What I need to improve in:

Art- I need stop socialising and do more work.

Electronics- I need to use my class time more productively

LOTE, Math, English- I need to improve my level or performance

My goal for this term is to try and improve my report.

Today in I learn we were learning about what a reliable website is and a Unreliable website is.What you need to look for in a website is how often it’s updated, Authors name, Spelling error and facts not opinions.

Reliable website


This website is reliable because it was updated not to long ago and the Australian Geographic made this website and its their job to update people with this information.

Unreliable website


This website is not reliable because anyone can comment or change the information that is put on it. It also doesn’t say when it was last updated so the information could be 100 year old.